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It represents -- specifically -- "auspiciousness" but is taken to symbolize a kind of polar energy in the universe, a spinning sun disk (yes) but also a deeper, more mysterious analogue since the sun does not spin in two directions but the swastika doesRosenberg was also friends with another occultist named Walther Darr, who became agricultural minister of the Third ReichCould you comment on this and tell me what evidence there is to support this? Also, please explain why they might have been supporting this long-exiled royal familyIt was the Korean War which gave rise to the phenomenon of brainwashing and mind control, and I decided to go there and feel the vibe for myselfParral is also the town that boasts Colonia DignidadRemember that generations of scholars have posited some sort of Cathar/Templar connectionYet we still are expected to reject that crazy knowledge, ignore it, and educate ourselves away from any memory of it


And if one did not take the governments word on events then one was in danger of being labeled unpatriotic, or worseThis is the kind of world we inherit if we those of us who research, write and publish on topics that the regular media do not cover use sloppy and irresponsible methods and rush into publication with rumors and gossip and masquerade as journalistsThis mysterious colony is run by the self-described "Baptist" zealot, DrNot for the masses most definitlyDR: On page 80 you said that one of Hitlers astrologers, Erik van Hannussen, had taught Hitler "what body language and hand gestures to use in public speaking." Is this perhaps why so many of his speeches were so effective -- because there were subliminal occult messages embedded in Hitlers carefully-crafted mannerisms?


We are post-moderns; hell, we are even post-post-modernsDR: You mentioned in the book that Hitler himself did not perform any magickal rituals but had others do so on his behalfThe methods that alternative media is using now in promulgating all sorts of unsourced, uncorroborated rumors as fact will be the methods that will be used against more and more Americans by official agenciesAs this was going on, I was looking at copies of the Pch documents in my possession and realized that the doctor was Austrian, like Hitler, was of the same age and height as Hitler, and was married to a blonde woman as was Hitler (to Eva Braun)He is kindly disposed to what both the Malaysians and the Indonesians are fighting for


It was called disinformatsiya which is where we get our term disinformationThat is why it was kept going until the very end, regardless of the cost and regardless of the fact that the resources being used to keep the camps running could have been better utilized defending BerlinAs in the old saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend": the Knights Templar were obviously the enemy of the Church, thus it followedBy isolating Cuba we made it virtually impossible for Castro to turn to any other countryThis was known six months before my visitMathers was passionately involved in Stuart-type intrigues and half-baked political movements; Crowley adopted it as a fashion and probably believed in restoring the throne to the Stuarts but I think he was not as politically involved as his mentor in this causeWhat else do you think this entailed? What do you think men like Sebetondorf, Liebenfels, List and Eckart imagined when they talked about the Overman? Did they imagine the Aryan race evolving into something with an entirely different physical appearance?My local contacts and distributor there were of Cuban ancestry, as was most of their staff


Scientists and soldiersAdd to that the uncomfortable realization that most media in the United States is in the hands of fewer than a dozen corporations that own newspapers, radio stations, television stations, and publishing houses, and you have a perfect storm of managed realityHale, of similar age and equivalent sophistication, was a kid straight from the hollers of West VirginiaIt makes them more universal, and moreover is credited with being the source of FreemasonryIf the citizenship was homogenous, then homogenous thought was sure to follow

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